About Me

Hi, I’m Cathy! Welcome to my blog, aka my digital home. I’m so happy you’re here to learn more about me and see what we have in common.

I’m a former social media and content marketer who used to own a small Etsy shop and subscription box business. I’ve also invested in multiple rental properties and even took a stab at running an Airbnb (humble brag… hello Superhost status!).

I’m also a food lover, amateur home chef, wander luster, design enthusiast, and lifelong gamer.

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, I moved to Austin, TX in late 2018 with my husband and two fur babies (Sophie and BB) to escape the rat race and pursue a slower, more simple way of living. I took a looooooong six-year break from content creation and decided to return around mid-2022; renewed and excited to share this next chapter with you all!

When I’m not creating content, you can usually find me checking out the cutest coffee shops and restaurants in town, taking long drives along the lake, getting lost in deep conversations, testing out new recipes, playing video games, or cozying it up with my cats to a good true crime show for the evening.

About This Blog

I started this blog as a way for me to document all of my go-to tried and tested recipes and learn new cooking skills. You may notice that I take an unconventional approach to cooking a lot of these classic dishes! As someone who is short on time (who isn’t these days?!), I try to come up with quick and easy solutions that still taste great.

Here I offer quick and easy recipes, cooking guides, and kitchen tips. Many of the recipes on this blog are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free with an emphasis on whole and minimally processed foods. I usually cook with mostly organic and local ingredients whenever possible (but honestly, that doesn’t always happen and that’s okay!). 😊 I’m a big fan of utilizing a variety of kitchen equipment (like the Instant Pot) to speed up and simplify the cooking process.

Fun Facts About Me:

🦡 I’m a Hufflepuff
⛸️ I figure skated competitively as a child and Michelle Kwan was my role model
🔪 I love watching true crime shows (almost too much!)
😻 I heart my pets and wish I had all the money in the world to help animals in need
📰 I majored in journalism with an emphasis on new media and minored in web technologies and applications (fancy word for web design!)
✨ I love Disney and if I could go to any Disney theme park every month, I would!
🎮 Video games have always been a part of my life (Minecraft is my current jam! I also like Apex Legends, even though I’m terrible at it.)
🙈 I have social anxiety
☕ Iced lattes are my morning ritual
💗 Deep conversations soothe my soul
🌎 I love traveling and have visited 8 countries (so far!)

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